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Compare and Select the Best Resume Writing Service in India in 2020

Best Resume Writing Services

Thousands and thousands of job seekers at all levels (Not only juniors, even CEO’s) fall victim to a scam or fake resume writing services and the pathetic thing is they have no idea of getting scammed. Every day almost 500+ people are searching for cv/resume writing service in India. More than 60% of them are being scammed. Resume Writing Business shall be started by a small home-based team or a freelancer, so at many instances the business ethics are getting failed and you’re getting nailed down. Finding the best Resume Writing Service in India or elsewhere is made easy once you completely go through this article until the end.

Once you read this article, comment below to share the experience of your resume writing company that might add value to the users in choosing the right resume writing service provider in India.

Identify when they designed their website using Whois Data

Check their domain status by typing the URL in whois website. (don’t use http/https or www.)

If you check the whois data, you can see when their website was registered and when it is going to expire. Most of the scammers might have different domains to confuse the user and secondly they never register a domain for more than a year.

The Reviews: Shortcut to find the best resume writing service in India

Online reviews in public domains are now popular and reliable to some extent as a person or company cannot fool the public with mass biased reviews. You can check the following websites to know how good the resume services are

  • Google Map
  • Facebook Page
  • Trust Pilot
  • Just Dial

Google Map is preferred as Google has developed its algorithm to identify and remove fake reviews. Manipulating Google Reviews is quite tougher compared to the other review channels. To make a review, a user should have a valid Gmail Account.

Secondly, you can validate a review of a particular user by clicking on the profile of the person. If you see they haven’t reviewed any other services then it might be a fake review. We cannot blindly conclude that it will be fake, there are chances that the review might be equally real. We advise you to use this method to understand the review pattern and to set your own priority score for the particular resume service provider.

Lack of Technical Knowledge

Don’t blindly choose a Resume Writing Company on the basis of pricing (Cheaper or costlier). Pricing is secondary here as this service is something related to your career. Ask the following questions to them and understand whether they are competent enough to trust or not

  • How many types of resume are there? (The answer is 4)
  • What are the names of those resume type? (Know the Types of Resume)
  • What type of resume suits me well? (Learn What type of resume suits you)
  • How does your drafting process work?
  • Who is going to write your resume? (Freelancer or a dedicated resume writer)
  • Why do you need to choose them instead of Resume Master or other resume service provider?

Popular Types of Resume

  • Reverse Chronological or Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination Resume
  • Star Resume

Learn What Resume Type Suits you

Rev. Chronological Resume:

This is suitable for professionals who are looking for advancements in their same vertical without any career break. (Learn how to handle career break in your resume)

Example: If you’re a sales executive and you’re desired job goal is to become a sales manager then this resume type is recommended

Functional Resume:

This is suitable for professionals who are taking horizontal advancements in their career. Secondly, if you have a career break, this resume type is best for you.

Example: You worked as a teacher for 3 years, later you got an accountant role and you worked as an accountant for 2 years. Recently just 6 months back you left your accountant job, now your desired job goal is to become a writer, then function resume is recommended.

Combination Resume:

This Resume Type is suitable for professionals who are taking horizontal advancements without a career break. Using this resume type is quite safe as we could explain your skills and accomplishments under employer wise.

Example: You worked as a teacher for 3 years, later than you got an accountant role and you’re currently working as an accountant. Now your desired job goal is to become a writer or again you want to go back to your teaching career. In this case, we recommend a combination resume type.

Star Resume:

This Resume Type is recommended for defense professionals. Here we will explain your responsibilities and accomplishments in a story format which will be in the order of Situation, Task, Action and Results.

Validate their Website Infrastructure

Scammers will not invest much in developing their website. Check the following signals in the resume writing service website

  • https version of their website (SSL certificate)
  • Sign up or Login Features- This requires website development that cost high.
  • Toll-Free or Cloud Telephony support to give concurrent phone support for users
  • Live Chat Support-Easy way to connect with them
  • Dedicated Page for Resume Samples-Most of them will have very few samples with dummy content.

Freelance writers or availing freelance marketplace like Fiverr

Fiverr is worlds leading market place, you can hire freelancers to do any kinds of stuff that they mention. However, the majority of resume writers in Fiverr can’t be trusted. One of our clients got services from a resume writer at Fiverr and output was disastrous. Only the format was changed whereas nothing is worked on the content part. Another alarming factor is you cannot speak directly to your resume writer as per the Fiverr policy. So forget about the phone support.

All freelancers are not experts in resume writing. They may be a good writer, but a resume is not limited to writing only as it is our career marketing tool. The writer should know what to include and where to include so that you seal your dream job.

Modern Scammers in Resume Writing Service

Case 1:

Some Resume Writing Companies in India has multiple websites with different names to confuse the users. Let say for an example, one website with premium rates and the other with cheap price. Both the websites are owned by a single user/company. You can check this by using the above WhoIs tactics. We are segregating the proofs for it and we will take legal actions to keep the customer and resume service provider ecosystem safer.

Case 2:

You might see websites reviewing different resume writing companies for a sake of money (So-called affiliate marketing)

Resume Writing Service reviews

If you read the content which is in the bottom of this site you can see “This website is monetized through the use of Affiliate programs with the online providers we review. Read our disclosure statement for more information on our affiliate relationship.”

This website owner is promoting his/her website to rank in Google for best resume writing service in India.

compare resume writing services in india


Unfortunately, in their list, there are no companies which are listed in India. Reviews shall not be done for money. It should be given by the real user who used their services.

Final Tip: Know your Requirement and then compare

You should start your search for finding the best resume writing service in India only after concluding your basic requirement. Ask yourself what service you want from the resume service providers. Few people don’t care about the risk of using a visual resume or graphical cv. All they want is a colourful and appealing resume/cv. If you’re one among them, then your requirement is to hire a Resume/CV designer. Typically, these people are graphic designers who can create a lucrative cv or resume. Unfortunately, not all graphic designers are content drafters. They do not work on content they copy the content from your existing resume or they produce plagiarised content.

Instead of hiring Resume or CV designers you can try Free Resume Builders. You can drag and drop elements and get your resume done. Paying INR 2000-5000 for a sake of designing has no value in return.

If you want your resume to pass ATS and to reach human hands, then choose writing service instead of designing service. We at Resume Master retired our Visual Resume services since 2015 as it is not universally accepted.

Please Note: An ATS is a computer application that scans your cv/resume, crawls the contents, fetch the data and present it to your potential hiring manager. Also note, in an average 70-80% of visual/graphical resume are rejected at ATS level.

Why Choose Resume Master as your preferred Resume Writer?

best resume writing service in india

We are confident that we’re the best and we are constantly working to be the top resume writing service provider not only in India but Worldwide. Many of our clients tell us we are doing good. This means a lot to us and we feel happy to prove that to you.

If you already have experience with any of the Resume Writing Company in India, then comment below. Your comments could help other people to be aware and to trust the right resume service provider in India. If you got services from Resume Master, then tell us how much you enjoyed or got benefited by using our services. Together let us create a good ecosystem between the Job Seekers and Resume Writers!

We tried covering the most hidden secret in this business to let you know how Resume Master is transparent in offering you the world-class resume writing service.

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