Beating the Behavioral Interview

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Beating the Behavioral Interview

Beating the Behavioral InterviewAs the name suggests, a behavioral interview is conducted to figure the kind of behavior an interviewee has on a particular employment situation. This is done to make it convenient for interviewers to determine whether a particular candidate will be able to manage the responsibilities of the specific position or not.

Though the format of the interview is the same as the traditional interview; the point of difference lies in the questions that are asked. For example, in a traditional interview, you will face questions like “What are your strengths or weaknesses?” but in the behavioral format, it is different. The recruiters have already decided on what exact skills they need for the role, and thus, they ask questions that help them understand if the candidate is equipped with the same. Therefore, don’t get worried if this is a new term for you.

Also known as the competency-based interview, this behavioral interview is the most foolproof way to comprehend how you would perform as an employee in a given situation. In this regard an interview of this category scores above its traditional format. Now you may be thinking, if an interview that is based on behavioral reactions of an individual is to enumerate how you had handled a particular situation, then what is the need to prepare for it. You are perhaps always ready to answer such questions. Well, that is not true.

You should be prepared for even the most familiar situations in life; and if it is an interview, then you cannot even think of going unprepared. Besides, you ought to be prepared for an interview such as this because the majority of the top companies use this format to recruit their employees. Also, as this is the basic format of an interview, if you can beat this behavioral interview, you can rest assured that you will be ready to face any type of interview.

So then what are the steps to prep for this significant event of your life? One thing you cannot afford to forget is that you will never learn what kind of interview you are about to face until the interview has begun in real-time. Hence, the ideal thing to do is to be prepared for a behavioral interview as a default mode, and you will have every other form of the interview under control.

Focusing on essential or innovative situations that have proved to be productive in the past is the primary thing you need to do for the preparation. Keep in mind the STAR method (situation task action result); this proves of great help to outline and frame your answers sequentially. Your reply sounds sorted and confident, and that is exactly how you win the appreciation of the interviewer.

Don’t fret about replying correctly, because there is nothing as of right or wrong when answering a behavioral interview question. You need to be able to design your answer as per the job description; by identifying the skills that the recruiter might be looking for. But at all times, honestly ought to be your guideline. Do not even think of making up stories instead of stating facts, for the recruiter will somehow be able to find out the authenticity of your narration. I would suggest you learn to manipulate the answers so that they are tailored in favour of the recruiter’s demands. In other words, practice how you can adapt your answers as per the required competencies.

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