Be Careful, Mistakes on Social Media Could Affect Your Job Search

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Be Careful, Mistakes on Social Media Could Affect Your Job Search

Mistakes on Social Media Could Affect Your Job SearchWhat would be your first reaction to knowing that a person is not hooked on to any social media? Wouldn’t it be disbelief? It is truly unimaginable that any individual stays off the world of social media in the present times; it has become a trend. In fact, if you are not a part of it, you seem to belong to the age of the dinosaurs! However, with the increase of participation on various platforms of interacting with society, people seem to be making errors randomly. Sadly, for people who are on a job hunt, this could prove to be hazardous; the more unfortunate thing is that most of them are not even aware of this truth. But no worries; I am here to let you know the common mistakes on social media that one usually makes and how they can be harmful to your job search.


The undetachable engagement with various social media often leaves one into an obligation of posting each and everything they experience. Facebook and Instagram have become like an album of every user, but little do people realize that they are the same people who have accounts on LinkedIn as well, and are probably on a job hunt. Hence, it is but inevitable that some prospective employer is looking you up on other social sites other than just LinkedIn. If you are asking, what is it to an employer how you behave socially? Let me then bring to your knowledge that recruitment in the present times is not merely about who is capable of doing the job. Employers are now looking for employees who would be able to last long within the workplace, which is why the soft skills (which comprise of your behaviour with others around you) have become so important.

Hiring managers know that it is comparatively easier to teach someone technical stuff rather than change the entire personality of an individual and suit it to their needs. They, therefore, prefer taking on board someone who is willing to learn, adjust, compromise, and yet deliver their best with a happy face. So, you have to be extra cautious with the kind of photographs you are putting up for viewing. While posting a vulgar or objectionable picture is a mistake on social media, at the same time, for Linked In, you need to be clear that it ought to be a single photograph and a formal one.

Instead of the random pictures of yourself, be smart and slide in the photographs you had taken at any conference or even a project that you have made. These will help draw the attention of the prospective employers instantly. Also, if you have participated in a workshop, or social event, consider putting them on these social sites, as a badge for your personality.


Voicing one’s opinion on Twitter is in fashion, but sadly, a lot of people have had to face the brunt of it. Just because everyone is commenting, does not have to be the criterion for you to comment as well. Only if you are well versed with the subject being spoken about should you take the opportunity to make a statement; I, however, would never encourage you to participate in any political agenda. In case it is a subject you are interested in and has a direct connection with your profession, then perhaps you could take a dig at it. But be wary of the kind of comment you type in, it should not portray you in a negative light.

Apart from Twitter, there are other places on social media that call for comments, such as photographs or even those small games which reveal things about you. Getting carried away is very easy; hence, be careful that you do not have any opinion on your workplace or your boss. You may not be in good terms with your current employer, but talking ill about him/her publicly, is a massive mistake on social media that could cost your career. It is wise to remember that other future employers are keeping you under their watch; they would never approve this move of yours.

Concerning commenting, I would further like to add that if and when you are on a job hunt, it is not a good idea to publish it publicly. Of course, it is known to others that you are on a contract which is about to expire, then it is best to let others know so that they can inform you in case there is any vacancy. But if this is not the scenario, then my advice is to keep it under covers.

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Sharing something you like has become a common phenomenon on any social media. Still, as a lot of organizations in charge are issuing the warnings, I too would like to echo their message. Please use your discernment power before you randomly share any news. It is your responsibility and duty to exercise fair judgment of what things ought to be and what ought not to be shared; especially, if those are confidential. Your present company may have had you sign confidentiality contracts with them about giving out specific information. It is because they consider it best to announce the news themselves, instead of via someone; you should thus respect that and abide by the rules.


Irrespective of whether you are captioning your photograph, or making a comment, or putting up your status, it is vital to keep a watch on the language you use. Using texting language on relevant platforms is one of the most frequented and annoying mistakes on social media. It is best that you spell everything out and then make your statement – employers appreciate it.


Haven’t you been knowing this all the while? Be it at school or on social media, bullying someone is not a pleasant and acceptable action. So, don’t do it. Engaging yourself in something like this only puts your character in question. You appear to be arrogant and not of the friendly type, and this could be a reason recruiters may want to rethink your image as a professional.


Everyone prefers originality; there is no credit in copying someone. Recruiters, too, are always in favour of someone who is able to exhibit uniqueness. Hence, if you think you would really smart by posting something that you have taken from someone else, avoid doing so. It only represents you as an incapable and lazy person, not looking to persevere, instead only looking for short cuts.

Thus, it is reasonably evident that logging onto and staying on for hours on social media has become a widespread practice, which is why it has become pertinent that you are extremely cautious of how you behave. So, be careful, for the mistakes on social media could affect your job search extensively.

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