A Simple Guide For The Elderly To Ease Out Their Job Hunt

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A Simple Guide For The Elderly To Ease Out Their Job Hunt

A Simple Guide For The Elderly To Ease Out Their Job HuntLooking for a job can happen at any age, and yet at any age, it seems to be an overwhelming task.  In recent times,  a lot of people over the age of 50 are on the job hunt; but their struggle seems to be far greater as compared o the younger generation. Lack of technological knowledge or failure to be in sync with the latest trends of the job hunt are among the setbacks of these elderly individuals; and the reason they are lagging behind. This perhaps is also the concern of the prospective employers, which is why If you are a person of senior years and experience, here’s some help for you to channelize your search for a job.

  1. LinkedIn profile– before you do anything else, grab your laptop, computer or phone, and start networking like never before. Create a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already and get to know more and more people. Let the people out there know that you still are in the running to get hired and that too very capable. Sometimes, it may happen that you do not get on your own very quickly, but the contacts that you get acquainted with through this social cum professional network can prove to be a real deal then. LinkedIn has become a mandate when it comes to a job hunt; it works in two ways:
    – It helps those looking for a job to put themselves out there and be seen, and
    – It helps the recruiters hunt for potential employees

As a person seeking a job, you can present yourself, including your skills and interests; you could say this is a more significant platform for you to showcase all that you cannot in the stipulated pages of a resume. You can put in all that you do professional as well as charitable, but only be careful that it does not in any way reveal any inappropriate information. Even while you put up photographs on LinkedIn, make sure you don’t forget that recruiters would be looking at your profile now and then.

  1. Update your resume – you are quite aware by far, how important it is for you to have a resume written in a way to represent you in the best possible light. It is therefore that hiring a professional to carry out this task for you is the ideal thing to do. A professionally written resume, however, does give you an edge over the other for various reasons. The ultimate intention, nonetheless, is to keep your resume updated at all times, including all the relevant and vital information at the same time deleting the unnecessary things as time passes by.
  2. Use an appropriate e-mail id – you may be having several mail ids but make sure that there is one that you use solely for professional purposes. Well, no recruiter would be impressed seeing Royalprince72@hotmail.com!your id should have your full name so that you are easily identifiable. Use this id to reach out to the contacts you may have created via LinkedIn and do not be shy to ask them to remember you in case there is an opening in the future.
  3. Keep yourself abreast with latest trends – one of the biggest hurdles in the path of a job hunt for the seniors is that recruiters are often apprehensive if they will be able to match up to the ongoing technological advancements or not. If you belong to this senior batch of people and want a position in any company, you have no choice but to stay upbeat and keep up with the new generation. Again use that gadget that keeps you connected to the world on the internet and look out for the latest additions and subtractions to the corporate sector. When your prospective employer is assured that you will be at par with the others, technologically, your seniority will be added with a second advantage, your experience being the first one.
  4. Put your best foot forward – when draft your resume make it contains those achievements and incidents in your career, which highlight your skills. Focus on what all you achieved and how you achieved them, instead of when they happened according to the calendar. Talk about your strengths and how you could help in the growth of the organization while fulfilling your own professional aspirations. Your expertise in any area, relevant to the position you are aiming to occupy, needs to be emphasized.

Remaining a wall on the flower, after you have achieved so much experience over the years, is going to be a complete waste. So, gear up, make your online presence felt as much as you can, participate in conversations of groups and let them that you still have it in you, what it takes to add to the competition with the youngsters. Do not let your age become your weak spot; alternatively, consider the fact that you have much more experience and are will to gather some more with the new association, as your strength. Let the number of years God has added to your life, remain just a number and nothing more.

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