5 Ways to Exude Confidence During a Job Interview

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5 Ways to Exude Confidence During a Job Interview5 Ways to Exude Confidence During a Job Interview

The one situation that brings with it mixed emotions is a ‘job interview’; it makes one happy and nervous at the same time. The happiness of being selected for an interview is not able to overshadow the butterflies in the stomach. But the focus should be on maintaining that calm so that you can take the happiness a level further, by getting the job. Confidence is the key to attaining that sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, here are a few tips on what your plan of action ought to be to keep the confidence going.

Tip #1 –get a grip over your body: your body does a lot of talking while interacting with others; especially when you are nervous. You really will not need to say a word, but your interviewers will quickly sense that there is a lack of confidence.  Hold yourself up in a proper posture right from the time you enter the room to the time you leave the room. Even while you sit, maintain the upright posture, keep your hands on your lap and do not slouch. Your clothes play an important role here when your clothes are comfortable your posture too shows ease and comfort, therefore, choose your clothes for an interview very meticulously.

Tip#2 – look in the eye of the interviewer: your eye contact is the next thing you have to concentrate on to exude confidence during a job interview. Shying away or looking down while answering the questions sends negative vibes to the hiring manager. To make your answers authentic, you have to reply to the interviewer by making direct eye contact; it has to be done at both times – while listening as well as while speaking.

Tip#3- don’t get jittery: since childhood, I had been warned against fidgeting with things, wherever, I went; this seems to be true whenever I talk about an interview. An interviewer immediately gets the signal that you are not entirely comfortable and confident when you start fidgeting. It may be your tie or a pen or even your necklace; constantly shaking your legs or rubbing your palms, all of this and similar other things are essential signals of your ground touching confidence. The best way to avoid this is by clasping your hands tightly on your lap.

Tip#4 –Listen carefully before you speak: in the bid of nervousness, you often tend to miss out things being told, and then suddenly you feel lost when attempting to answer. Developing your listening skills is helpful at all times; this helps avoid a lot of confusion and mistakes. If you keep thinking of what all you had planned to say and what you will say next, you may just miss out on a joke they cracked and failed to laugh, conveying to the recruiter that you are distracted. Hence, take your time, be a good listener, and then speak slowly. Even while you speak, be careful not to display any kind of desperation!

Tip#5- Let the handshake be sturdy: your handshake just like your eye contact has a profound impact on the interviewer’s perception of you. A limp shake of hands instantly reveals your low level of confidence; the best remedy thus is to practice your handshake with friends and family. Let the handshake be a moderation of being just enough that displays self-assurance and neither overly firm nor absolutely wilt.

A job interview always gets the better of you, but don’t get worked up with it, instead prepare yourself beforehand. A few breathing control exercises are proven remedies for situations such as this; it greatly assists in igniting confidence before an interview. Also preparing the answers to the probable questions is a confidence booster. So, pull up your socks and get going, rehearse time and again to make sure that you leave a lasting impression on the potential employer.

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