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5 Ways to Deal With Stress and Anxiety at Workstress and anxiety at work

Anything new brings with it two things – happiness and excitement; when particularly talking about a new job, however, this excitement takes the form of anxiety and even lead to stress for a lot of people. But, don’t get all worried about it as yet, just tell yourself “All is well”, because you have this blog to help you deal with all those anxious and stressful moments, in the best way.

There are a lot of things responsible for this sort stress and anxiety at work to evolve in you, irrespective of the fact of you changing one job for another, or being a new entrant to the corporate world. New co-workers to work with, new rules and regulations to follow, new work environment to cope up with, a new boss to be obedient to; are among some of the things you will be apprehensive towards. One fundamental lesson of life is, you can only be affected by something if you let it affect you; hence, if you chose to rise above the situation, there is nothing that can cause any stress or anxiety to you.

Blend In

Let this be your basic way of handling the new ambience that you are placed in; inculcate a ‘fighter spirit’ in yourself. I don’t mean you get rebellious and exercise arrogance in your behaviour, on the contrary, wear the robe of humility and become ever ready to learn things by observing how they are being done. This is how you will blend in with the rest of your surroundings. To put it simply, Positivity will be your weapon in dealing with such adverse situations; the longer you linger on negativities, the more difficult it is for you to grow in this new place.


Science has proved that exercise is one of the most effective ways of calming the mind and the body. Breathing exercises specifically are extremely helpful for stress management. Yoga is fast becoming very popular is excellently handling this kind of new job pressure. If you do not find enough time to carry out a regular fitness regime; performing the breathing exercise, i.e. breathing in and out deeply for a few minutes, is good enough. Even while in office, you can choose to take short breaks and walk around the area, this too relieves the stress and anxiety at work considerably.

Feel at Home

As humans; we only feel connected to the things that we identify with, even when visiting a foreign land, consciously or subconsciously, we often look for familiar things, for example, food. And we are happiest when can find something that we know in an unfamiliar place; we feel safe and content that we have to something to fall back upon, in case the going gets tough. The same goes for our workplace as well, after you have landed yourself in a new place, the best you can do is give your table or cubicle a touch of your individuality. Keep photographs of your family or someone close to you and trying personalising the place, this gives you a sense of belonging which is much required especially, in the initial days of your new job.

Find a Friend

This is a way of making yourself at home in the novel surroundings. Try and talk to as many of your colleagues as you can, surely you will find someone who is like you and is willing to give you a hand in grasping the workings of this new job. The person should be someone who makes you comfortable, and when you are with them, your worries take a back seat. You always need to talk to someone when faced with complex situations; they are your stress busters for the moment. So, search for your anchor, till the time you have conditioned yourself to the present circumstance.

Ask, and you shall receive

Do not assume that being a new employee takes away from you the right to communicate. You have the freedom to ask for any help that you need because it is only when you ask that people around you will know what you need, right? So, speak up and say what is on your mind. What you need to be careful about is not express strong opinions, as you have just arrived at a new place. This will be of immense help to you to not let any emotions pile up within you and consequently release the stress and anxiety at work that you may experience otherwise.

So, that’s all you can do, within your capacity to do away with your stressful and anxious episodes at your new job. The best thing yet is and always will be ‘Do your best and be prepared for the worst’. Share this article “Ways to Deal With Stress and Anxiety at Work” if you like. Email us by writing to contact@resumemaster.in to share your views.

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