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5 Ways a Mentor Can Boost Your Career Potentialmentor can boost your career

In order to be able to comprehend anything easily, an example is always helpful; and if not an example at least someone who could explain the thing to you is also preferential. Similarly, in your career, you always need a guide, a person who can impartially give you direction and understanding of how to improve your work life. A mentor can boost your career potential in a lot of ways, he/she remains your only faithful and unbiased friend in the corporate sector whom you can completely trust with any issue. A mentor thus is all of the following things, which makes him/her so capable of giving you that stimulus.

  1. Confidence Booster – often as a newcomer or even out of some misfortune, you may make mistakes about your professional decisions, which leads you to lose your self-confidence. Also, in general, you may feel nervous at all times and scared of making errors because of the work pressure or strictness of your boss, these times call for your mentor. It is he who can show you the same situation from a different perspective and give you the much-needed confidence. A mentor further has the ability to identify your professional strengths and knows how to use to them potentially; another way in which they enhance your confidence.
  2. Problem Solver – in connection with the above, this attribute of a mentor follows most obviously. Any kind of problem that you may be faced with at your workplace or with regard to your career, you know that you can seek your mentor for a suitable solution. Because your mentor is neutral, i.e. neither in your favour nor in your boss’s favour, the advice that you receive from him is absolutely unadulterated and always beneficial for you. He is responsible for helping you identify your shortcomings, consequently solving all problems efficiently.
  3. Confidante – whether it is any difficult situation at work with being able to understand the kind of work assigned, or some issue with your boss or colleague, or maybe the desire to change jobs, you can discuss anything professionally related topic with your mentor. You do not have to have any inhibitions when talking about things with your mentor, for you know that he/she will always suggest in the best of your interests.
  4. Educator – A mentor can boost your career potential irrespective of the fact, that they belong to your immediate workplace or not. Your knowledge of your office, your work are all increased by your mentor in the best possible way. As a matter of fact, your comprehension of ‘workplace politics’ is made simple by your mentor. Because of the experience, your mentor has, he/she is well equipped with information on how you ought to tackle various complicated situations. It is for this reason; I also like to call him/her an ‘Insider’. They seem to know already a particular situation is going to turn out to be and accordingly gives you suggestions on what ought to be done.
  5. Connector ¬- by this I mean that with a mentor by your side you will find convenience in connecting with a lot of people related to your business. The development of this kind of connection through networking plays a vital role in the corporate world these days. Even long before you start hunting for a job, you have to keep your networking skills working. The more you expand your network, the more people know you and your skills, and hence, the more chances of getting recognized and maybe even considered as some company’s prospective employee. A mentor is in most cases well placed in the world of business and therefore in an excellent position to recommend your name for positions in various companies. This connection is only possible if you do have a mentor and thereby establishes the truth, a mentor can boost your career potential.

Apart from these, your mentor is your opportunity to gain valuable feedback on any issue that you might be faced with. In addition to this when there is a mentor handling a group of people, the energy of the team is increased, leading to better communication skills of the members and ultimately resulting in optimal performance levels of each one. Thus, the best decision that you can take pertaining to your career is to get a mentor for yourself, because in the famous words Oprah Winfrey, “ a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

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