5 Tips To Remember While Asking For An Internal Transfer

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5 Tips To Remember While Asking For An Internal Transfer

Tips To Remember While Asking For An Internal TransferWorking in one position for a long time can be somewhat daunting; that is why there are provisions of internal transfer available to every employee. Sometimes you may be happily endowed with such a transfer without asking for one, at other times you have to ask for it up front; and that is when things could get a little confusing. You, therefore, need to shortlist the things you should remember while asking for an internal transfer.

An internal transfer, by definition, refers to a change in the position of an employee from one department to another in the same organization. When you are opting for such a move in your career, you have to be prepared for the inclusion of some new responsibilities and the omission of a few. You have to be open-minded to learning new things, in case you do not already know them. However, the one thing that remains common for any person working in any industry or even seeking a job, is, confidence – without this, all your achievements and abilities are zeroed down to nothing.

You cannot merely ask for a transfer because you are bored with your present role, your request for moving from one section of your company to another should have a solid reason.

  • Be focused on why you want it and prepare well with a compelling reason that would convince your boss immediately.
  • Be careful of not nagging about your want to shift from one department to another at any random time; organize your meeting with the boss at a suitable time.
  • Be clear about the position you want to move to and what you would be able to bring to the table if you are given a chance at the role.
  • Do your homework about the position and try to get into the shoes of your employer, so that the reason you state is good enough and something that he/she cannot turn down.
  • Make your manager your support system; keeping your differences aside(i.e. if you have any), go ahead and get your manager to help you acquire this transfer, after all, conventional protocols are most often of high value in a scenario such as this.
  • Know and be ready to tell the management how this internal transfer will be a boost to your professional development.
  • Even if this is the umpteenth time you are about to appear for an interview, prepare it as if you were doing it the first time. You cannot afford to go to an interview underprepared. Your dedication in accentuating your career does not encompass merely working well at a particular position. It also entails with it the way you prepare to take on new tasks and adapt to new responsibilities. As a matter of fact, your association with the company already is an advantage to you, of knowing the work ethics of the place. Hence, you are in a better position to hit the soft spots of the organization.
  • In the bid to convince your employer, you could add in to offer help in training a novice at your position before making the move. This assures that you are not only concentrated on selfish motives but give value to the requirements of the organization too.
  • Finally, even though you want to make this significant move in your career, make sure that your current role and its ensuing responsibilities do not suffer a setback in any way. Keep the dedication toward your present the same as it was before you decided to approach your employer. Slack in the present job would create a negative impression of you and may eventually not work in your favour when you put in the request for an internal transfer.

Asking for an internal transfer may not be the easiest of things for an employee; however, with tact and confidence by your side, you can sail through the situation smoothly.

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