5 Tips for Choosing What to Wear to an Interview

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5 Tips for Choosing What to Wear to an Interview

Every occasion has a different dress; surely you will not wear a t-shirt and jeans to a wedding, and a sequenced top and hipsters to a funeral. Again, just because an interview is a professional issue, does not mean that you can pick up anything that you find first in your closet and go in it. There is a proper dress code that needs to be followed, and you should know what to wear to an interview.5 Tips for Choosing What to Wear to an Interview

Of course, you have to be prepared with the answers to the questions that will be asked at the interview, but it is not only those responses that determine the success of the meeting. Your overall appearance, including your clothes, should appeal to the interviewer. Though men and women do not wear the same kind of clothes, yet there are some basic things which if kept in mind while preparing your physical look, should be beneficial.

  1. Do not ‘dress-down’: to dress down means to wear informal clothes that do not draw attention. For instance, wearing ripped jeans and a casual t-shirt. Both men and women can wear a formal suit; the females can replace a skirt for a trouser if it pleases them. Nothing less than this should be the dress for an interview.
  2. Choose the right colour: since this is a formal occasion, avoid wearing big and glaring prints or designs. Solid, dark tones grace the event and look most appropriate. Never wear something that is distracting, it gives the impression that because you are not competent enough. Men – keep the tie basic, be careful not to select a flashy tie. Women- avoid wearing loud colours, choose from among the simple, sober, pastel shades.
  3. Be comfortable in what you wear: when learning what to wear to an interview, this is an important thing to keep in mind. Always wear something that gives you comfort; uncomfortable clothing makes you jittery and irritable, affecting the answering to the questions asked. The interviewers can see through your lack of concentration and do not see it as a good thing. Tight fitted, too loosely fitted, or too short clothing are to be kept from wearing.
  4. Cut down on the bling: accessories in case of both men and women and jewellery when it comes to women is best adorned for parties and weddings. The males can completely avoid wearing these for an interview; while the women should opt for minimalistic jewellery.
  5. Stay trendy: styles and trends of dressing up for any occasion are continually changing, keep yourself updated with those changes by researching for appropriate dressing styles from the internet. Take your time to put together the look for your interview, do not consider it a waste of time; it will surely pay off.

Planning the significant things for dressing correctly for the interview is done on most occasions, but little details are often overlooked. I want to emphasise on focusing on things like clean and neatly ironed clothes, well-groomed nails (painted with neutral colours for females), polished and shining shoes and the lightly fragranced perfume. This also forms a part of the lesson on what to wear to an interview.

Dressing suitably for an interview is among the major factors responsible for affecting the chances of a landing an offer. So, while you prep yourself with all the verbal repartee, pay full attention to how to present your physical self. Your attire conveys your confidence.

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