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3 Tips to Ensure Your Online Presence Is Helping Your Job Search

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3 Tips to Ensure Your Online Presence Is Helping Your Job Searchonline presence is helping your job search

Your digital availability these days plays a vital role in your job hunt; the more visible you are in the world of the internet, the more you are recognize in the world of business. That is why you need to know that seeking a job in the present times,  is not merely about submitting your applications and resume to various companies; it is a lot about handling the internet effectively. Remember your online presence is helping your job search  and so, here are some tips that will help you carry this out efficiently.

Tip 1 – Be careful with your privacy settings: you should know that being readily visible to potential recruiters is important. Hence you need to keep the privacy policies of your social networking accounts up to date, while simultaneously making sure that you can restrict the viewing of your photographs which are not relevant to your profession. Your first impression matters a lot, making it pertinent for you to do all it takes to appear in the best of yourself. If not anything else at least restrict your entirely private posts and photographs specifically for viewing by ‘Friends’ and other general topics to ‘Public’.

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Tip 2 – Link up with LinkedIn:  it is a researched fact now that almost the entire fraternity of recruiters use Linked In to run a background search for prospective candidates, I am sure this is enough reason for you to have a LinkedIn profile as a compulsion. Surely Facebook and Twitter to assist in the job search but as emphatically as LinkedIn. You have to keep a close watch on this account by updating it time and again with the history of your employment. Authenticate your achievements and accomplishments by photographs, but be wary of the pictures you are using, make sure they are decent and ‘view- worthy’. LinkedIn is a great way to ensure your online presence is helping your job search. This is the way to carry out personal branding, so make the best of it by not forgetting to exhibit all your professionally related information on it.

Tip 3 – Maintain a Balance: just because you have to be active on the internet to be effortlessly seen by the hiring companies, doesn’t mean you ignore your social self. You do not have to become all erudite at all times and post stuff that is particularly relevant to your profession; on the contrary, you should post about things that you do for entertainment, or you like to indulge in. This shows a different side to you that you never know could draw the attention of a potential recruiter. But of course, exercise some wisdom in discerning what is suitable for viewing by all without raising brows. Write blogs about various topics as well as those that relate with your key skills. Engaging in comments on these blogs further reveal the intensity of your knowledge on the subject and may become your USP (ultimate selling point).

I am quite sure these three pointers will establish proficiently how your online presence is helping your job search. Be smart and optimize your presence on the internet by carefully handling all information about you, and at the same time make sure you give clear data how o the recruiters can get to you without any difficulty, by providing the accurate email id. This is the easiest and the most holistic way you can represent yourself in the web world. You can do all this by beginning with a google search on yourself and knowing where you stand digitally. So, engage online with various groups, discussions and social networks to make your online presence felt strongly.

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