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In case for hard copy ₹ 35/Page will be charged extra as a part of typing charges.

Advanced Editing: It is an Add-on plan. This is suitable for all kind of documents Manuscript Editing/Book Editing or Report/thesis editing. It includes minor rephrasing to make the sentences more standard in your style.

Extensive Editing: This is suitable for people who want their entire content to get a new look. More sophisticated words are used along rephrasing. Readability guaranteed.

*To know the pricing for Extensive and Double editing we would request you to share a sample copy of your manuscript which has 1500 words to contact@resumemaster.in by mentioning "Quote for Double/Extensive editing" in the subject line

1 Page = 300 Words.

  1. Decide your plan and Complete your payment process.
  2. Submit your documents via email to proofread@resumemaster.in
  3. We will proofread, edit, and email two versions of the document to you. On one version, we will highlight the edits made and the other version will be the clean, corrected, and ready to use.
  4. Your document will be proofread and edited for basic structural and grammatical mistakes.  Problems with punctuation, sentence structure, overuse of passive voice, verb tense shifts, number agreement, and other common mistakes will all be corrected.
  5. Get your final copy as per our delivery promise.

Simple Procedure to start

We carefully find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. We have easily customized plans which suit everyone's needs. Our Proofreading and Editing services are applicable to any kind of documents like Manuscript, Dissertation/thesis or Report. 

RMOS Proofreading plans.

  1. Pay as you go - ₹ 75/Page
  2. Plan 1 (150 pages)- ₹ 9750 (Save ₹ 1500)
  3. Plan 2 (250 Pages)- ₹ 15000
  4. Plan 3 (350 Pages)- ₹ 19250
  5. Plan 4 (Above 400 pages)- ₹ 50/ page 
  6. Advanced Editing(Add on)- ₹ 25/ Page
  7. Extensive Editing- contact us
  8. Double Editing- Contact us

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